For Patients


Retina Physicians & Surgeons accepts most insurance plans. Please bring your insurance cards with you to all appointments and check with us before your treatment to make sure your insurance plan is accepted. Many insurance plans have multiple plan options. Please verify with your insurance that the physician you are scheduled with participates in your individual insurance plan.

All charges, regardless of insurance coverage, are your responsibility. If your insurance plan requires a copay, it is due at the time of your visit. If your insurance plan requires a referral form from your family doctor, please make sure we have that referral at the time of the visit. Finally, please let us know if your visit is work – related so that we can complete the appropriate insurance forms.

If there are circumstances that affect your ability to pay your bill in full, we will be happy to work with you on payment arrangements.

All fees are based on the tests and services you receive. Please feel free to ask about any procedure or test before it is performed.

Credit Card Processing

We are pleased to offer you the ability to pay online using Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. All payment information that is entered is passed through the merchant account to the credit card company. We do not maintain your credit card information at our office or on our website.

Online payments will be applied to your statement balance. If you are on a monthly payment plan we will apply your payment to any medication balances first then oldest outstanding balances.


Refunds will not be issued against transactions that failed or were declined. Patient payments made through our online payment system that create an overpayment are refunded by paper check from Retina Physicians & Surgeons to the patient.

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